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From the Desk of Nicole Jolie
Written in 2021
I am Nicole & I am legit obsessed when it comes to sales pages, landing pages, funnels, copywriting and researching, mixing up strange formulas and then fusing all of this marketing wisdom into simple actionable strategies that can take your business into the future before everyone in your marketplace figures out there’s a rocket ship waiting for them.

I am a self-made entrepreneur having worked with many multi-millionaire coaches, speakers, authors and marketers behind the scenes helping them create their offers that make big bucks marketing their products, programs and services to thousands of people the world over.  

I have educated myself on getting a Yes from people who don’t even know who you are and building relationships without the proverbial required handshake. I’ve also helped many small business entrepreneurs broaden their horizons and break free of their limiting marketing beliefs so they sell more and stress less.

My clients have used my ideas to go from frozen in their tracks and overwhelmed with to do’s to selling more, making better offers and developing a simple system that begins with the end in mind. 

My clients have used my marketing knowledge to make plenty of dollars while slashing their ad budgets by 80% using the $1/Day Formula with small lists and big hearts.

I have no friends in high places, I’m not a big name affiliate, and I’ve got no mastermind buddies to give me a leg up or a hug.

Many days I work 15-18 hours and many times I don’t even take breaks…like you
I am just a little star that thought she could shine brighter so she did.
With me by your side for 90-Minutes, you too will become a big star…on your terms.

Nicole Jolie
Founder of
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